The firm quickly established itself as one of the leading criminal defence practices in North London.

Our philosophy is that everyone accused of an offence, no matter how serious or how minor, should have the best quality defence possible.

We provide a complete service, from attendance at the police station day or night, to representation before the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts and beyond if necessary. We appreciate that everyone accused of a criminal offence is likely to be anxious and concerned. We try to make things easier by explaining, in clear language, the whole process and by providing honest, accurate advice.

Our team have vast experience in criminal defence work, and provide the highest quality advice and representation with a view to achieving the best possible outcome to their cases.

We have access to the best experts available, and instruct advocates of the highest calibre in the Crown Courts, including those from our in-house team.

We deal with a wide range of alleged offences, from road traffic matters to the most serious sexual offences, large-scale drug importations and murder. Whatever the allegation, our team provides the advice and representation you need. Our solicitors are proud to be members of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association.

At the conclusion of every case, we send our clients a questionnaire for them to comment on our services, anonymously if they wish. We are delighted that almost all of the responses are extremely positive, and you can read some of them here.

Paying for our work

Much of the work we do can be funded under the legal aid scheme, meaning that the Legal Aid Agency pay us for the work we do and we do not bill the vast majority of our clients. We always encourage people who are eligible to apply for funding under this scheme, as we strive to provide a service just as good as for people paying privately.

Everyone arrested by the police has the right to free and independent advice whilst at the police station, regardless of their financial circumstances. We therefore do not normally charge people for advising them at the police station, and everyone should exercise their right to this advice, as it can be an extremely important stage of the case.

If you are charged with an offence and have to go to court, you may be eligible to be represented by us under the legal aid scheme. This is means tested and a Representation Order will be granted if the case is serious enough, again meaning you would not have to pay for the work we do (subject to a possible contribution for cases in the Crown Court). We are happy to discuss with you, without any obligation, whether or not you qualify for legal aid.

If your case does not qualify under the legal aid scheme you have the option to pay for our services privately. We will always advise you at the outset of the likely costs and keep you informed as the case progresses.

We are always happy to speak to you if you are facing a criminal allegation, and to advise you about the options for funding the work we do. We do not charge anyone for this initial advice. If you think we can help then please get in contact.

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